dia de les illes balears 2019

Day of the Balearic Islands: Our history, our present and our future

Tomorrow, 1st of March, is our community’s big day. We, at Estel Ingeniería y Obras, in appreciation of our beloved islands, want to celebrate it in a very special way. We would like to speak out in support of the talent that resides in our territory, of the Balearic Islands’ capacity to always better ourselves and of our willpower when it’s time to fight and work for what really matters.

On the Diada de les Illes Balears (Day of the Balearic Islands), a festivity that commemorates the signing of the Statute of Autonomy in 1983, the Estel team wishes to highlight the pride and commitment we feel regarding our land and all of those living here. We want to reinforce our promise to continue to make this Mediterranean corner a model example for high-level engineering, the latest technologies and the future of telecommunications.

In spite of having taken an international leap as a company a long time ago, Estel has not forgotten Majorca, the island that was our birthplace 24 years ago. Therefore, we maintain our corporate social responsibility with the community: offering quality employment, providing continuous training for our staff, encouraging mobility, rewarding efforts, supporting strategic sectors within the islands, seeking solutions that improve people’s lives without harming the environment, trying to create more sustainable systems, and generating wealth through honesty, humility and transparency.

The best thing about days like these is that we can stop and look back, smiling with happiness and pride when we realize that we did it; we were able to carry some of that Balearic talent across our borders. We have shown the world that quality, professionalism and spirit can work together to create unique, authentic, and differential projects, and that our Balearic stamp of origin is always present.

Therefore, even on days like these, we must remember that there is still a long way to go, that what is truly important is by our side, and that our young people’s talent is the greatest treasure for the future of our islands. Their education and their great potential must not be neglected; we must work harder than ever to offer them a history that we can all continue to be proud of, and to provide the necessary opportunities to develop said potential.

We would like to dedicate this 1st of March to all the young people of the Balearic Islands, offering our commitment to always be there, by their side, fighting together to improve our future.

Enjoy the DIADA!

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