Royalton White Sands

Reconditioning the Royalton White Sands: maximum comfort and cutting-edge engineering

The luxurious Royalton White Sands Resort, near Jamaica’s Montego Bay, has trusted the Estel Ingeniería y Obras team to recondition its engine room and air-conditioning systems. This project encompasses the most advanced technological elements to achieve the necessary energy optimization for the facilities, following Estel’s philosophy of sustainable and respectful engineering.

The popular Royalton White Sands hotel complex is one of the most important hotels in Jamaica, a country where Estel Ingeniería y Obras is developing some of our most interesting projects, both in the technological and design fields. It’s a destination where guest comfort, data management security and the latest innovations in energy systems, are priorities that demand the highest attention to quality and detail.

Much more than a challenge

Built overlooking the sea, the Royalton White Sands has become one of Jamaica’s favourite destinations for romantic getaways and family holidays. It currently offers a wide selection of gastronomical options, including five restaurants and six bars, swimming pools for adults and children, spa services, a kid’s and a teenage club, bridal services, as well as daytime and evening entertainment activities for all types of audiences.

In recent years, Jamaica, with less than 3 million inhabitants, has experienced a considerable increase in the number of visitors and, consequently, in its economic income.

The island has been appointed “Best Beach Destination” and “Best Cruise Destination” at the World Travel Awards and ranks as a top trending destination on online user platforms like Kayak and TripAdvisor. Its endless beaches, wild nature and attentive people are among the main characteristics that attract tourists.

This new framework, an improvement in hotel services, corresponds to the country’s plans to reach 5 million international visitors by 2020 and an additional 15,000 rooms by 2021.

Hotel engineering across the ocean

Our thorough experience in engineering and comprehensive installations at an international level has led us to become one of the leading companies working in the Caribbean’s hotel sector, with numerous projects in Jamaica, the Dominican Republic and Mexico. Our customers include Excellence Resorts, the H10 Group, AM Resorts, Blue Diamond Resort, Hilton and Marriott & Starwood Hotels, among others.

With more than 20 years of experience, our team offers solutions for different design, execution and maintenance projects in the Balearic Islands and other destinations, regardless of their size. As a whole, we have worked on more than 700 hotels (200 of them in the Caribbean).

Estel Ingenieria y Obras would like to thank the Jamaican Royalton White Sands for trusting our professionals to recondition its engine room and air-conditioning systems. We are confident that our involvement in the project will improve the quality of the services and comfort it currently offers its guests.

We will continue to focus our work and efforts towards sustainable and environmentally friendly business models.

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